Multicultural Manners: Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st Century

Multicultural Manners: Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st Century
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Your friend's mother-in-law is visiting from Korea. When greeting her, do you bow, shake hands, or kiss her on both cheeks?

The meeting with his international customers is going well for the corporate president--until he gives the thumbs-up sign. Why?

You welcome your new neighbors with a bouquet of your prizewinning daffodils. Yet your beautiful yellow blossoms are met with looks of shock and horror. Why?

Discover the answers in this incisive, award-winning guide to etiquette, now thoroughly revised to reflect today's truly multicultural society. Both highly informative and entertaining, Multicultural Manners gives you the understanding you need, the perfect words to say, and the correct behavior to use in a wide range of cross-cultural situations.

The book features completely updated etiquette guidelines with special emphasis on post-September 11 culture clashes, as well as a brand-new section that demystifies unfamiliar cultures in the news. Norine Dresser identifies key cross-cultural hot spots and suggests methods that foster respect for diversity. You'll discover:

  • The do's and don'ts of successful business and social interaction with people from different cultures
  • Appropriate etiquette regarding body language, food, child rearing, clothing, word choices, colors, entertaining, romance, and gift giving
  • Detailed tips on avoiding embarrassment at work, in the classroom, in health-care settings, on business trips, at meals, at weddings, at funerals, and on vacations and holidays
  • Amusing firsthand accounts of cultural gaffes that illustrate how miscues happen--and how to avoid them
  • A breakdown of customs, religions, languages, and ethnicities for 70 different countries

The accompanying reference guide is included as a PDF on this disc.