Moonbeams of Mahamudra

Moonbeams of Mahamudra
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A new translation of Tibet’s most important manual for Mahāmudrā view and meditation

This monumental work, written in the sixteenth century, comprehensively outlines the scope of the Mahāmudrā Buddhist tradition. This tradition, which was systematized in Tibet over 900 years ago, focuses on the familiarization of the nature of one’s mind, also described as the experience of mahāmudrā or ‘great seal,’ as the primary means to realize ultimate reality and thus attain buddhahood. Countless Buddhist teachings and meditation instructions have been attributed to Mahāmudrā, which blends practices from both the sutra and tantra traditions. While the Tibetan Kagyu schools are known as the primary holders of the tradition, Mahāmudrā is taught and practiced by all major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dakpo Tashi Namgyal is one of the greatest writers and masters of Mahāmudrā to have ever lived. His manual is the most important single work on the subject, systematically introducing the teachings and associated practice techniques in a progressive manner. Moonbeams of Mahāmudrā is to this day the most studied work on Mahāmudrā in the Kagyu monasteries throughout Tibet and the Himalayas.

Elizabeth Callahan, a seasoned translator of Kagyu material, has provided us with this new translation along with ancillary materials and annotations, giving us the necessary tools to properly study and apply the Mahāmudrā teachings in a modern context. This is a historic contribution for scholars and students of Tibetan Buddhism.