The Weaving

The Weaving
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Between the covers of this book, you will discover a blend of plant wisdom and a love of astrology blended in a cauldron of storytelling and poetry. Not merely an herbal compendium, not only historic storytelling and a weaving of ancestor history, The Weaving: Plants, Planets and People follows the path of herbal medicine from roots in the Earth to planets in the Sky. Abrah Arneson brews up magic on each page.

Teacher and storyteller Abrah Arneson Cht RH Clinical Herbalist has supported people using plant medicine for 20 years. She studied herbs during a decade of living on meditation retreat properties. Her practice of herbal medicine is infused with a love of contemporary scientific knowledge and her personal 30-year meditation practice.

Find the seam between modern science's exploration of the Pineal Gland, and the Moon's secret light. Follow Cerridwen as she discovers the grace of Venus as Vervain grants her heartfelt wish. Descend with Inanna into the Underworld and be healed by Violets' softness. Journey through the Renaissance under the influence of Mars to learn why women carried swaths of clothe woven with Nettle stalks. The Weaving asks you to think about your Grandmothers, where you came from and who you wish to become.

The Weaving will deepen your understanding of:

-The journey of the Great Round, the life, death, rebirth cycles of life as experienced by the pagan traditions of Europe

-A non-traditional history of herbal medicine from the perspective of 'The People's Medicine'

-Astrology as a language used to describe not only a plant's medicine but significant cultural events that have informed herbal medicine today.

-What it means to decolonize your mind.

-The medicine found in stories once told to weave one into the great web of life.The Weaving is the essence of imaginative storytelling sprinkled with clinical experiences using science and herbal medicine all simmered in planetary vibrations for a rich reading blend that comforts as it stimulates.