Mad about Raw

Mad about Raw
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‘Mad About Raw’, introduces readers to the new look of raw food and pushes boundaries by reinventing raw cuisine with the combination of raw cooking techniques.

Besides dehydrated-raw and sous vide-raw; you will also find pure-raw recipes that do not require any special techniques to create the dishes.

Featuring 60 fully raw and delicious dishes with multiple component recipes (over 100+ recipes total).

Divided into four chapters - breakfast, contemporary entr es, nostalgic mains and timeless deconstructed sweets -readers can expect a gourmet raw experience with recipes like elevated smoothies, juices, brittles, soups, salads, banana bread, no coconut wraps, cr pes, quiche, chewy texture pasta, pizza, ravioli, ratatouille, b rek, sarma, risotto, gnocchi, pavlova, gianduja, banoffee and much more

All recipes are fully raw, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free, dairy free and mainly consist of a combination of Mediterranean and Nordic cuisine. Every recipe includes time, quantity, equipment requirements. The book also focuses on presentation and helps you to elevate your dining experience.

‘Mad About Raw’ truly serves those of you who are wanting to dive deeper into raw vegan cooking

About Author

Author Nazlı Develi is a well-known Plant Based - Raw Food Chef & Designer working internationally, mainly in the Nordic countries.

She is the author of numerous books including ‘Mad About Raw’, Green & Awake Series’, ‘New Nordic Meets Old Italian’ and best selling ’ Gourmet Raw Cakebook’.

Featured on Vegnews, UK Vegan Food & Living Magazine, French Le Chou Brave Magazine, Swedish Journal Chocolate Magazine, Raise Vegan Magazine, Canadian Vegan Magazine, and other publications.

Many people describe her food as ‘the closest to its natural state but still gourmet.’

For more information, visit Nazli’s website at https: // and her Instagram @gurmevegan