The Gin O'Clock Club

The Gin O'Clock Club
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'A fizzing feel-good read about living in the moment' Sun

'If you want fiction that warms your cockles whilst simultaneously making them shake with laughter, then The Gin O'Clock Club is the book for you.' Isabelle Broom, author of My Map of You

'Touching and hilarious' Jilly Cooper


Bring the sparkle and fizz back into your life with the help of The Gin O'Clock Club

Lottie is always in a hurry, rushing through her days ticking tasks off her to-do lists. Teddy is worried about his granddaughter - and he knows that his late wife, Lily, would have known exactly what to say to make things better. Now that Lily has gone, it's up to Teddy to talk some sense into Lottie.

With the help of Arjun, Geoffrey and Howard, the elderly reprobates who make up his Gin O'Clock Club, Teddy makes a plan to help Lottie find her way back to the things that really matter - family, friendship and love. But as Lottie balances a high-powered job with her reluctant attendance at whist drives, ballroom dances and bingo, Teddy wonders if she's really ready to open up her heart to the possibility of true happiness...

Laugh, cry and fall in love with this colourful cast of characters in THE feel-good novel of the year


'A lovely, big-hearted book, a perfect lazy summer's day read. A gorgeous, warm-hearted read that you'll want to give to all your friends.' Tasmina Perry, author of The Pool House

'A gorgeous cross generational romp with real heart. Pitch-perfect escapism for These Times.If you love Sophie Kinsella and Beth O'Leary you will want to preorder this' Daisy Buchanan, author and journalist

'I loved this warm, funny, and charming story of dating old-school.' Eva Woods, author of How to be Happy

'A fizzingly funny romantic hug of a book - I loved it' Katie Marsh, author of My Everything

'The most charming and entertaining book I've read in a long time. Such warm-hearted writing. I can't wait for the next!' Kirsty Greenwood, author of Yours Truly

'This warm witty ray of sunshine is making my day. I have been gripped from the start and you're in for a treat.' Josie Lloyd, author of The Cancer Ladies' Running Club

'A book that reads like a tall, refreshing drink, I loved everything about The Gin O'Clock Club. Rosie Blake has written a beautiful novel, with layers of hilarity, heartache and a host of the most charming characters just waiting to bring you into their club.' Lisa Dickenson, author of You Had Me at Merlot