The B2B Marketer's Journey: How to Generate More Leads with High-Performance B2B Copywriting

The B2B Marketer's Journey: How to Generate More Leads with High-Performance B2B Copywriting
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B2B Copy: Where the Rubber Hits the Road for Your Marketing

There are many books written on digital marketing and copywriting. This book offers a unique blend of both. The inspiration for writing it came from a B2B software firm overwhelmed with marketing options. They wanted to use copywriting to grow their business but were missing the strategy to direct it.

What does Formula One racing have to do with copywriting? An F1 team needs a good race strategy, but they also need the right tires to hold the car to the road. Likewise, marketing strategy and content are critical to hold your audience’s attention. This book helps you use both to create demand, build authority and generate more leads.

10 Ways to Increase Demand for Your Products

Why do businesses fail? The number #1 reason is they can’t attract enough customers in a cost-efficient manner. You may want more leads and profitable customers, but bigger sales require better marketing. The investment you make in marketing is worth it if you can attract the best customers. Here are 10 ways you can take your marketing to the next level:

  1. Create a plan for directing your marketing activities.
  2. Develop a guide for all your marketing messages.
  3. Understand prospects and motivate them to buy.
  4. Research all your customer SEO keywords.
  5. Manage each stage of your buyer’s journey.
  6. Use your B2B website to make more sales.
  7. Generate more leads with B2B copy and content.
  8. Drive more website traffic with SEO copywriting.
  9. Attract better quality leads.
  10. Stay abreast of the latest B2B marketing trends.
Research for This Book

A Linkedin survey of top B2B marketers was the basis for The B2B Marketer’s Journey. Here’s what some of them said about their greatest marketing challenges:

Senior Marketing Manager
The most consistent challenge I see across my clients and in my own experience on the corporate side is content: creating enough and making it good.

Integrated Marketing Manager
Other than not enough time to get everything done? Our challenges are not new ones, but rather foundational: developing relevant content

Managing Partner
To me the key challenges in marketing are: Knowing the right customer persona for a given segment and figuring out the best way to interrupt how a customer is thinking or feeling about our product.

About the Author:

Derek Little is CEO, freelance B2B Copywriter and Marketing Consultant with He specializes in working with software firms selling to enterprise clients. His solutions help clients with a lengthy and complex sales process build brand authority, attract buyers and generate more leads.