Systematic Searching

Systematic Searching
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In resource poor, cost saving times, this book provides practical advice on new methods and technologies involved in systematic searching and explores the role of information professionals in delivering these changes

The editors bring together expert international practitioners and researchers to highlight the latest thinking on systematic searching. Beginning by looking at the methods and techniques underlying systematic searching, the book then examines the current challenges and the potential solutions to more effective searching in detail, before considering the role of the information specialist as an expert searcher.

Systematic Searching blends theory and practice and takes into account different approaches to information retrieval with a special focus being given to searching for complex topics in a health-related environment. The book does not presume an in-depth prior knowledge or experience of systematic searching and includes case studies, practical examples and ideas for further research and reading.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Methods covers theoretical approaches to evidence synthesis and the implications that these have for the search process, including searching for complex topics and choosing the right sources.
  • Technology examines new technologies for retrieving evidence and how these are leading to new directions in information retrieval and evidence synthesis.
  • People considers the future of the information specialist as an expert searcher and explores how information professionals can develop their skills in searching, communication and collaboration to ensure that information retrieval practice is, and remains, evidence-based.

Systematic Searching will be essential reading for library and information service providers and information specialists, particularly those in a health-related environment. It will also be of interest to students of library and information science, systematic reviewers, researchers and practitioners conducting complex searches in settings including social care, education and criminal justice.