Seconds to Live

Seconds to Live
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A Wall Street Journal bestseller

Wildlife biologist Mac Barrett avoided his hometown of Scarlet Falls for years--too many bad memories. But when he receives the news that his father is dying, he rushes home only to discover he's too late. Shaken, Mac retreats to his remote cabin seeking peace and solace. Instead, he crashes his jeep to narrowly avoid running over the naked body of a woman lying in the road. Even more disturbing, when he regains consciousness, the body is gone.

Police detective Stella Dane wants to believe Mac, even if his story about the vanishing body seems far-fetched. But when Mac's description matches the missing woman she's been searching for, it raises a disturbing question: How does a dead body disappear?

Mac and Stella will have to work together to find the answer and catch a psychotic kidnapper--and quickly. The killer has a deadly message to send, and the case is about to become personal....

2016 Golden Leaf Award Winner