No Time for Tact

No Time for Tact
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A daily kick in the pants from the Pitbull of Personal Development(r) and Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and New York Times bestseller Larry Winget.

In these uncertain times, America needs a straight-talk dose of Larry Winget reality more than ever. No Time for Tact is a boot-camp version of the thought of the day calendar, the ultimate wake-up call for anyone who’s looking for a lifeline and true empowerment. With an eye-catching design, this book is packed with memorable gems, such as:

Stress comes from knowing what is right and doing what is wrong.

When people say, ‘Let me be honest with you, ’ it means in the past, they haven’t been.

If you are unhappy, unsuccessful, broke, or sick, please just keep it to yourself. The rest of us don’t want to hear it, so don’t feel compelled to share

Training is expensive. Books are expensive. Going to seminars is expensive. Being stupid is even more expensive.

Blending longer observations with signature Winget quips, No Time for Tact is the perfect way to jump-start each day.