Hypocrisy Exposed: When Evil Pretends to Be Good

Hypocrisy Exposed: When Evil Pretends to Be Good
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How do sexual predators, domestic abusers, and false prophets blend into our churches undetected? How do some people appear to be so godly in public, but live a life of complete darkness and unrepentant sin in private? How can a person cause terrible damage to others without feeling any genuine remorse? The answer to these questions lies in understanding the nature of hypocrisy.

Jesus warned us to be on guard against hypocrisy, but we have often not understood what the term actually means. Hypocrisy is not when a righteous person sins, it is when an evil person pretends to be good.

In Hypocrisy Exposed you will learn:

-The true meaning of the word hypocrite

-Why Jesus was so harsh against hypocrisy

-The difference between hypocrisy and other sins

-Characteristics and tactics of a chronic hypocrite

-The connection between narcissism and hypocrisy

-The difference between true and false repentance

-How to heal from the damage done through hypocrisy

-How to walk in integrity instead of hypocrisy

God is shining light in the church and exposing hidden things. It’s time to grow in wisdom and discernment so that we can spot wolves in sheep’s clothing and recognize hypocrisy in our midst