HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
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Have you ever wondered if there is a science behind the people decisions businesses make? If you have ever been curious about the methods employed by human resources professionals, then HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted to Know is the resource guide you need

After reading this book, you will be able to:

● Define what HR Analytics can do for an organization

● Determine the best HR analytics role for you

● Assess the readiness of your organization for undergoing a study using HR analytics

● Apply HR Analytics in various HR disciplines, including recruiting and staffing, labor negotiations, incentives, and training

● Use Excel to efficiently manage data for your HR analytics

Part overview of the field, part handbook for getting started in HR Analytics yourself, HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted to Know walks readers through the many benefits of using analytics to make better people decisions. HR Analytics requires more than just strong gut instincts and a talent for talking with people. As this guide shows, HR Analytics is both an art and a science that can help your organization make informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders, including employees. Through a blend of theory and practice, you will learn how to think like an HR Analytics professional and apply your expertise in real-world scenarios. With case studies and online tutorials, including a step-by-step guide for using Excel to efficiently work with your data, HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted to Know will be the handbook you need to help steer your organization to success.

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