How to Market Books

How to Market Books
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Over five editions, How to Market Books has established itself as the standard text on marketing for both the publishing industry and the wider creative economy. Industry professionals and students of Publishing Studies rely on the techniques and tactics in this invaluable book.

With the publishing industry changing fast, and the marketing and selling of content now delivered worldwide through technology, this much needed guide highlights the critical role of the marketeer, and the strategies and techniques at their disposal. The book's approach is logical and calming; beginning with marketing theory and moving into how this works in practice. Readers benefit from a blend of practical advice on how to organise and deliver marketing plans - and an objectivity which supports their future management of issues not yet on the horizon.

Thoroughly updated, this 6th edition maintains the book's popular, accessible and supportive style, and now offers:

  • A fully international perspective for today's global industry
  • New case studies to illustrate changing industry issues and application
  • Completely updated coverage of digital and social marketing and GDPR
  • Topical updates, more case studies and tips on getting work in publishing on a companion website
  • Detailed coverage of individual market segments, bringing relevance to every area of publishing