Espresso Making Perfection

Espresso Making Perfection
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Espresso Making Perfection: Perfect Espresso Every Time, by Antonio Verona.

A recent study has shown that 90% of Starbucks baristas are unable to make great espresso.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to teach them a thing or two, such as:
- The best beans for espresso and where to find them.
- Experimentation with blends in order to find your own acquired taste.
- Grinding your beans and what makes a good grinder.
- Bean storage to ensure maximum freshness.
- The secret ingredient, so simple, so obvious, and yet so few baristas are aware of it.
- The simple technique that takes 20 seconds and improves espresso taste.
- The right way to tamp your grounds.
- The exact brewing sequence I use to brew perfect espresso every time.
- My recommended automatic, semi-automatic and manual espresso machines.
- Also, my espresso drink recipes.

Making perfect espresso every time from home is simple as long as you know the facts.

You won’t need an expensive espresso machine to make incredible espresso but good technique is incredibly important. Learn all here.