Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps

Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps
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From the Reviews

'[This book] contains an excellent blend of both Shiny-specific topics ... and practical advice from software development that fits in nicely with Shiny apps. You will find many nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout these chapters....'

Eric Nantz, Host of the R-Podcast and the Shiny Developer Series (from the Foreword)

'[This] book is a gradual and pleasant invitation to the production-ready shiny apps world. It ...exposes a comprehensive and robust workflow powered by the {golem} package. [It] fills the not yet covered gap between shiny app development and deployment in such a thrilling way that it may be read in one sitting.... In the industry world, where processes robustness is a key toward productivity, this book will indubitably have a tremendous impact.'

David Granjon, Sr. Expert Data Science, Novartis

Presented in full color, Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps helps people build production-grade shiny applications, by providing advice, tools, and a methodology to work on web applications with R. This book starts with an overview of the challenges which arise from any big web application project: organizing work, thinking about the user interface, the challenges of teamwork and the production environment. Then, it moves to a step-by-step methodology that goes from the idea to the end application. Each part of this process will cover in detail a series of tools and methods to use while building production-ready shiny applications. Finally, the book will end with a series of approaches and advice about optimizations for production.


    • Focused on practical matters: This book does not cover Shiny concepts, but practical tools and methodologies to use for production.
    • Based on experience: This book is a formalization of several years of experience building Shiny applications.
    • Original content: This book presents new methodologies and tooling, not just a review of what already exists.

Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps covers medium to advanced content about Shiny, so it will help people that are already familiar with building apps with Shiny, and who want to go one step further.