Coaching Skills: The definitive guide to being a coach

Coaching Skills: The definitive guide to being a coach
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This book has been a best seller for coaches all over the world since the first edition was published in 2004. Coaches appreciate its straightforward advice on how to coach and the truthful way the book captures the actual experience of coaching. This 4th edition has been extensively updated. It keeps the most popular features of earlier editions and also includes material on:

• The magic ingredients that determine whether the coach-client relationship works
• Why goal-setting and questioning are such important skills for any coach and how you can acquire them
• How to use the insights that are emerging from neuropsychology
• How as a coach you can work with clients to get them past their blocks and barriers
• How to cope with clients who cry or who report traumatic experience - and where the boundaries are with therapy
• How to give vital information - but in coaching style
• How to blend challenge with support
• Tips and hints on how to coach by phone
• A full template on how to run the first session

‘There are a multitude of reasons why the latest edition of this best-selling book deserves a place on the bookshelves of both new and more experienced coaches … Practical exercises and techniques, such as the Life Scan Wheel, Magic Questions, Immunity to Change grid and the OSCAR model, are clearly explained, and new to this edition is a useful and detailed first-session template … She has gathered together insights and gems from books as diverse as Daniel Kahnemann’s Thinking, Fast and Slow and Carl Jung’s Modern Man in Search of a Soul. It transforms what could have been a dry manual into a stimulating and pleasurable read, as well as an information dense resource, and a worthy investment of any coach’s time and money’.

Review in Coaching Today, January 2017, Issue 21